Michael Reyes


Instructor, Michael Reyes, is one of our Hip-Hop instructors at Studio 360. "Mikey" has extensive training and experience in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Modern, and Hip-Hop.  

Michael began his dance training in Buena Park with Buena Park High Schools’ break dancing crew and dance production.  He relocated to West Covina and has continued his dance experience; and is pursuing his Associates Degree of Arts in Dance at Mount San Antonio College.  

While at Mount San Antonio College, Michael was honored as a first year choreographer in Mount San Antonio Colleges’ Spring Dance Concert in 2018 and he performed in several pieces.  He was privileged to present his own choreography in the concert, as well.  Michael has hosted several Master Hip-Hop classes and Contemporary Dance at various venues.  He has prepared and completed several projects over the past year and his end goal is to be a successful choreographer. He is honored to have Ms. Nicolle Sandoval and Studio 360 for supporting Michael and his career as a dance instructor, choreographer, and artistic director.

Mikey teaches Hip-Hop on: 


Wednesdays at 6pm 13 years + up

Saturdays 9am 8-12 years

Saturdays 10am 13 years + up


         $10 a class (walk-in)

         $30 for 4 sessions

         $50 for 6 sessions  

Mikey also teaches the Contemporary Dance class on Saturdays at 11am.